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Student Testimonials

“Finally, it was through the family and relatives of the English teacher recommended, introduced me to Melbourne English. Here it’s different to other schools because the school’s background is a unit (Melbourne Training Associates) that trains the teachers, so they are teachers’ teachers. Here the teachers are different. They listen and write down my questions patiently for me to solve all the problems of English.” Cloudy


Melbourne English - Learn in a friendly, positive, family-like atmosphere.

At Melbourne English we treat our students like people, not numbers. While other schools tend to make their students fit into their programs, we fit our programs around our students.

With experience teaching English all around the world, our teachers are some of the best in Melbourne and even assess other English schools in Melbourne.

Whether you want to learn English for visa, professional or social reasons, we tailor our programs to make it more enjoyable so you learn English faster.

General English

Melbourne English provides specialised input and correction to improve your language skills set. We provide morning and evening classes (individuals and small groups only) at our centre in Carlton, Melbourne.

Occupational English Test

Our specialised OET Preparation programme aims to improve students’ exam taking techniques and their knowledge of the OET exam format, by undertaking weekly practice exams

International english language testing system

At Melbourne English we appreciate the challenges and motivation of International students, at Upper-Intermediate and Advanced levels, undertaking such a high stakes exam as IELTS

Monthly News And Deals

Melbourne English Classes

Basic, High and IELTS Class Dates: From January 2019 onwards.  We have a new small intermediate class and basic English class at Melbourne English in 2019.  The number in each group is around 6 students so that the teachers focus on the students' language and skills...

IELTS in 2019

Contact us for more information about our IELTS classes at info@melbenglish.com.au.  Timings for IELTS classes in  2018Mon-Fri: 10am- 12pmPrice:  $520

After School English

We have been running our after school English programme since February 2017. The classes take place from 4-5.30pm for school students aged 10 and over.  The classes for learners from 7 to 10 years old take place from 4.30-5.30pm.  Students can attend one or two days a...

Located in the heart of melbourne

Melbourne Training Associates

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Learn from some of the best teachers in Melbourne, get flexible programs to fit your lifestyle all while experiencing beautiful Melbourne.

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